IRB Premiership Series - Round 2

How to Enter

Club entries to the 2013 IRB Premiership and State Championships must be submitted using the SLSA Carnival Manager System,

For Carnival Manager Log in Usernames, Passwords or entry assistance, contact Denise Lees on (02) 9471 8000 or contact the SLSA Helpdesk on 1300 724 006.

The User Guide for the entry system can be found on the SLSA Website.

All entrants must meet SLSNSW award and proficiency requirements as detailed in the 2012/13 Proficiency Requirements. Entries may be altered by Clubs at any time up to the closing date of each Round listed on the first page of this circular.

Entry Fees

The cost of entry per competitor is $34.70 (inc gst). Late entries will not be accepted for teams and crews after the closing dates outlined in this entry circular.

The only entries accepted after the closing date will be for athletes replacing other athletes that have already been entered. These late entries will incur a Late Fee of $55.90 plus the original entry fee of $34.70 ($55.90 + $34.70 = $90.60) per competitor.

Entry fees are not refundable if members do not take part in these events. SLSNSW will forward an invoice to each Club at the conclusion of each Round showing team entries and applicable fees. Clubs will be able to view a summary of the fees that are due within the system.

Team Substitutions & Changes

The replacement of a team member is provided for under the General Competitive Conditions in the current edition of the Surf Sports Manual. Notification of any team member replacement MUST be made by notifying the event administration officer by filling out the substitution form no later than 1 hour prior to the competition commencement.

Clubs that have more than one team in any event are asked to give each team a name rather than a letter or number for the duration of the Premiership Series. If a team composition is changed from Round to Round, it is asked that Clubs must use the same team names as the previous Round. If a new team is created and would like to accumulate points away from a previously named team, a new team name must be created and entered.