Summer of Surf (Round 2) + Goldie Classic

Redhead Beach will be hosting round 2 of the Summer of Surf and the Goldie Classic on Saturday 7 November.

There is a total of $10,000 in Prize Money, spread over all open events. This event features the Goldie Ironduro which is a 45 minute Ironperson race and will be contested by U17s and Opens.

All water events are M shaped courses, with most races 5-6 minutes in duration.

Open events:

Swim/Board/Ski/Double Ski/Board Relay/Ski Relay/3 person Taplin/LMCC Goldie Ironduro/Flags.

U/17 events:

Swim/Board/Ski/Board Relay/3 person Taplin/The Goldie Junior Iron/Flags.

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Please note this event is not run by Surf Life Saving NSW.