Sydney Wet’n’Wild Nippers Club

Surf Life Saving NSW is looking forward to potentially delivering the Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild Nippers Program in the coming season! Keep an eye on this website page for up-dates about the program.

The Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild Nippers Club, was the first of its kind in Australia, was set up to give kids in Western Sydney (Australia’s leading coastal drowning blackspot) a genuine nippers experience teaching them vital surf safety skills and education in a fun, supervised environment.

SLSNSW and Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild are currently working hard to finalise the partnership agreement, and we hope to have this finalised as soon as possible so that we can open registrations. In the meantime we would encourage you to join our wait list – simply click here and provide us with some basic information, including your contact information and the number of children you would plan on enrolling for the season.

What is the Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild Nippers Program?

Nippers is about having fun while learning to stay safe at the beach! Children participate in a wide range of games, sports and educational activities which are designed to slowly build confidence in and around the water. The education component of the program includes beach safety, sun safety, what a lifesaver is and what they do; while the physical activities include wading, board paddling and beach games. Older Nippers are also introduced to some of the basic principles of surf safety such as general rescue techniques and first aid - vital skills they can take with them for life.

Sydney Wet’n’Wild is located at 427 Reservoir Road, Sydney, NSW 2148

See For Yourself!

Age Managers

‘Many hands make light work’ applies to the Age Manager role. As with any leadership position, it is more FUN and less stressful when you have other leaders helping out.

All Nipper programs are run by parent volunteers, including the Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild Nipper program. We need parents to help and without parent help we are unable to run the program.

We understand you may not have the skills/knowledge to teach and demonstrate, but training will be provided and each week our helpful Surf Life Saving volunteers will be there to assist the Age Managers deliver the program. It is a really rewarding role to take on for the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to watch my child?

YES – if you would like us to, we can match parents up with a group that they have a child participating in where possible.

Do I have to be there every week?

It helps if you can commit to every week, but we understand everyone gets sick, and some families have planned holidays during our Nipper season. The more Age Managers we have per Age Group, the less of an impact it has on everyone when one person is away.

What – exactly – will I have to do?

Your main job will be to supervise your group. Ideally we’d like each group to be 10-15 children. You will be given a lesson plan with a timetable detailing what your group is doing, where you need to be, and what times you have that area. You will have coastal SLS volunteers to assist you with delivery of the activities. Your job will be to keep to the timetable and supervise the activity. No need to worry about being able to swim – the role of the Age Manager is to keep their feet firmly on dry ground during activities. Our Surf Life Saving volunteers will be there with their aquatic qualifications to help the Nippers in the water.

What Age Groups need managers?

All age groups need Age Managers. We need to maintain a ratio of less than 20 children to 1 adult. An adequate amount of Age Managers and smaller groups will benefit your children as they will get more turns, and there will be less waiting time.

Age Manager Training

Anticipated Age Managers Training Course:

  • Online Age Managers training course – to be completed prior to the face-to-face session (for those who have not previously completed)

  • Face-to-face training is proposed for 8 October 2017 at Wet ‘n’ Wild. All Age Managers must attend regardless of prior experience.

The practical face-to-face session will give us the opportunity to demonstrate some of the activities your children will be practicing. We will demonstrate activities such as beach flags, beach sprinting, nipper boards, and answer any questions that you might have.

If you are interested in taking on an Age Managers role for the 2017/18 Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild season, please click here to register your details.

Surf Life Saving Volunteers

Surf Life Saving Clubs are invited to come to Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild to volunteer as water safety personnel and assistant Age Managers for the program. This vital role ensures that participants stay safe in the water, and our parents get the support they need to deliver the activities.

Surf Life Saving members who volunteer their time for the program are welcome to stay in the Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild water park for the remainder of the day as a way of saying THANK YOU for help. Volunteer hours count towards your total season patrol hours.

If your Club would like to come and volunteer at the Sydney Wet ‘n’ Wild Nippers program, please contact SLSNSW Wet ‘n’ Wild Nippers Coordinator on 9471 8000 to discuss available dates throughout the season.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.