Training Updates and FAQs

If you are involved in member training as a volunteer in Surf Life Saving NSW, the information below relates to current changes taking place in Education and questions that have recently been received about them.

If you have any questions related to any of the information on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact the State Education Team or fill in the feedback form below.

Pre-season Update

In order to be re-endorsed as a TAF for any award you are required to access the pre-season update each year to ensure you are aware of any changes to policy, procedures, courses or resources.

The 2017-18 Education Pre-season Update can be accessed via the recorded webinar here. Your attendance will be logged and we can then update our records. The recording is just over 20 minutes long.

Download Pre-season Webinar (text version)

Helpful links for 2017-18

The below documents are all referred to in the 2017-18 Education Pre-Season Update.

Helpful links from previous updates

The below documents are all referred to in the 2017-18 Education Pre-Season Update.

Quick links to questions

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Frequently asked questions

Updated Bronze training materials

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find information related to the delegation process and questions for skills maintenance?

The Skills Maintenance Information Booklet and theory questions can be found on the Administration section of the SLSNSW website under “Other useful documents”.

How do I submit a Trainer, Assessor and Facilitator Re-endorsement Form?

If you don’t yet have a Members Portal account, you will first need to create one. Once you have created an account and logged in, you can submit your Re-endorsement Form using My Forms. If you need them, instructions can be found here (pdf download, 242kb).

Do I need to be proficient to keep my Trainer, Assessor and/or Facilitator awards up to date?

Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators are required to complete skills maintenance (as set out in the pdf, 1.79mb) for the following:

  • Trainers, Assessors & Facilitators: Emergency Care awards (e.g. Resuscitation, ART, Spinal Management); and
  • Trainers & Facilitators: Powercraft awards (e.g. IRB,RWC)

Where can I find forms and course resources?

Information about where to find these resources can be found on the Training Resources section of the SLSNSW website.

Are lifejackets required for “patients” in IRB competition and training?

Yes, passengers (e.g. patients in training) being carried by an IRB are required to wear a certified lifejacket while in an IRB. This can be removed when they leave the IRB and must be put back on upon re-entry to the IRB.

How should a person be placed on the ground/beach for patient assessment after a rescue?

The patient should be lowered to a supported position (if conscious) or on their back (if unconscious) for patient assessment (page 158 of Bronze Manual).

Should two rescue breaths be given before commencing compressions on a submerged (drowning) person?

Yes (see page 64 of Bronze Manual).

The 34th edition Bronze Manual covers anaphylaxis – does this mean we need to include an EpiPen/AnaPen in our first aid kit?

No. EpiPens (like inhalers for the treatment of asthma) are not a standard piece of equipment for a first aid kit (see Lifesaving SOP LS6.5 – First Aid Equipment). If you do have an EpiPen or AnaPen in your first aid kit, you must ensure you are following the procedures for the treatment of anaphylaxsis as described in the 34th Edition Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue Manual (page 97), and this article from the Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy provides some useful considerations.

How can the online components for the Bronze and IRB courses be accessed and how can we best utilise them in our training?

The online components for these courses can be accessed by all Members through their Lifesaving Online account. To access it, log in to Lifesaving Online and click on My Courses.

Along with the manuals, the online components can be used to:

  • refresh / reinforce learning of existing candidates
  • catch up candidates who are unable to make a particular training session
  • direct candidates to in order to complete the theory questions linked to each chapter (they will be able to print a certificate of completion out for each chapter)
  • support independent learning before a session, potentially reducing the amount of face to face time required for the training

Can we track the progress of our learners through the e-learning?

The E-learning platform has additional functionality that enables CTOs to create custom teams (i.e. Bronze squads) when scheduling an event/online course and to also assign a Facilitator to that event. Team View is also a function available in order to track individual’s progress through the required learning/assessment. For more information please refer to the Pulse E-Learning Guide (pdf, 2.6MB)