Welcome to the Officials section of the website. Officials play an important part of our organisation and are integral to the ongoing delivery of our sport.

Development for Officials

Accredited Surf Sports officials are essential to the success of any surf carnival or event. Officials are required at all levels of competition. Some Branches require Clubs participating in competition to fulfil a quota of officials in order to compete in a carnival. To officiate at competitions, individuals must nominate to the relevant club, branch, state or national representative.

There are four levels of officials’ accreditation:

  • Junior Officials Course
  • Level One Officials Course, requiring re-licensing every four years
  • Level Two Officials Course, requiring re-licensing every four years
  • Level Three Officials Course, requiring re-licensing every four years

All levels of officials’ accreditation share three basic objectives:

  • To educate members to successfully administer their duties
  • Ensure that each member who is appointed an official at any carnival, event or championship has the best understanding of Surf Sports
  • Ensure that there are sufficient qualified officials available to conduct Surf Sports activities at all levels


To reaccredit as a Level 1 and 2 Official, the applicant must complete the Surf Sports Officials Form and submit a copy of a completed Surf Sports Officials Log Book to Branch. This book shows the accumulation of a minimum of 100 points during the 4 year period of your participation at surf lifesaving sports and related personal development events.

If any members are interested in becoming accredited officials or their official qualifications need re-licensing, contact your club, Branch Director of Surf Sports.

Reaccreditation of Award

Junior Official to Core Official

A Junior Official will transfer to a Core Official after reaccreditation (this will not be required until at least 31/12/2018 when the first generation become due to reaccredit). It is anticipated that Core Officials will receive a name badge, licence card and log book. The cost to receive the name badge, licence and log book is to be determined and will not be available until reaccredited.

Branches are to be aware that there will be no requirement to submit a log book when Branches submit the Officials Reaccreditation Form. Reaccreditation covers a period of 4 years (to the 31st of December of the 4th year).

A Core Official can officiate at Branch & State Carnivals in the positions of;

  • Judge
  • Timekeeper
  • Marshall
  • Recorder

Level 1 Official to Technical Official

A Level 1 Official will transfer to a Technical Official after reaccreditation.

A Technical Official can officiate at Branch & State Carnivals in the position of;

  • Marshall
  • Starter
  • Recorder
  • Timekeeper
  • Finish/Course Judge

Level 2 Official to Senior Official

Not all Level 2 Officials will transfer to Senior Official.

Branches will be required to check a Level 2 Officials log book to verify that this member has officiated in the last 4 years in the position of:

  • Chief Judge
  • Referee/Area Referee/Sectional Referee
  • Course Supervisor
  • Appeals Committee
  • Competition Liaison Officer
  • Support Service Coordinator
  • Disciplinary Committee

If there is insufficient evidence in the log book, the Level 2 Official will transfer to a Technical Official.

A Senior Official can officiate at Branch, State & National Championships.

Level 3 Official

All current Level 3 Officials will be sent via Branch to State and onto SLSA when reaccreditation is due.

Not all Level 3 Officials will remain as Level 3 Officials.

SLSA will determine if the official will remain as a Level 3 or transfer to Senior Official.

For more information Download the NOAS Framework Memo or contact