2017 Stramit Country Champs Profile: Georgia Gaddes

With the 2017 Stramit NSW Country Surf Life Saving Championships getting underway at South West Rocks tomorrow it’s time to get to know the home town athletes looking to write their name into the annals of the history of this longstanding and popular event.

Georgia Gaddes is out to make a big impression as she fronts up for the first day of action at the 2017 Stramit NSW Country Surf Life Saving Championships.

After previously making the finals in board at a Country Champs and the top 16 at State the talented South West Rocks athlete will be aiming to make use of her hometown knowledge as she sets her sights on this year’s event.

It will be a busy weekend for Gaddes who is set on appearing in 7 races. She is confident that all her training will pay off but says her main goals is just to continue to enjoy the sport while also doing every possible to become a better athlete.


Georgia Gaddes


South West Rocks



Events intending to Contest At Country Champs

Swim, Board, Sprints, Ironwoman, Swim Relay, Board Rescue, March Past

Previous appearances or results at Country Champs:

Finals at Country in Board & 16th at State in Board

How long have you been involved in Surf Life Saving?

4 years

What do you enjoy most about being a member of a Surf Life Saving club?

Learning to become a better athlete

How has your training been going for the Country Championships?

Training has been going great with my swimming coaches are Brianna Elford and Deb Purvis

What are your goals for the Championships and the rest of the season?

To place in the board at Country Champs

Do you have any pre-event superstitions or preparations?

Yes, I always crack my toes right on the start line

Are there any surf athletes you admire or have found to be an inspiration and why?

Belinda King, because I once went training for SLS with her and she was amazing

Fri 3 Feb 2017