2017 Stramit NSW Country Champs Profile: Chad Poland

With the 2017 Stramit NSW Country Surf Life Saving Championships getting underway at South West Rocks later this week it’s time to get to know the athletes looking to write their name into the annals of the history of this longstanding and popular event.

Fresh from his gold medal performance at the Coolangatta Gold in 2016, Nowra’s Chad Poland is gearing up for another assault at the Country Championships. After missing last year’s event due to his naval deployment the popular athlete is keen to make up for lost time and once again has a full schedule of water and beach events to plan for.



Age Group:

Opens / 30-34yrs

Events you are planning to contest:

All Events Water and Beach

Previous appearances or results at Country Champs or other major events:

1st 30-39yrs Long Course Coolangatta Gold 2016

Aussies 2016

2nd 30-34yrs Ironman
3rd 30-34yrs-2km Beach Run

NSW State 2016

2nd 30-34yrs Swim
3rd 30-43yrs Rescue Tube Race
1st 30-34yrs Ironman
4th 30-34yrs Single Ski
2nd 30-34yrs Board Race
2nd 30-34yrs-2km Beach Run

NSW Country 2016

Missed event due to being away on deployment with job in the Navy.

Aussies 2015

1st 30-34yrs-2km Beach Run
2nd 30-34yrs Board Race
1st 30-34yrs Ironman
2nd 30-34yrs Rescue Tube Race
3rd 30-34yrs Surf Race
8th 30-34yrs Beach Flags

NSW State 2015

1st 30-34 Surf Race
1st 30-34 Rescue Tube Race
1st 30-34 Ironman
2nd 30-34 Single Ski
2nd 30-34 Board Race
1st 30-34-2km Beach Run

NSW Country 2015

2nd 30-34yrs Board Rescue
1st 30-34yrs Beach Flags
2nd 30-34yrs Beach Street
2nd 30-34yrs Board Race
1st 30-34yrs Ironman
1st 30-34yrs Rescue Tube Race
1st 30-34yrs Single Ski
1st 30-34 Surf Race
1st 30-34-2km Beach Run

How long have you been involved in Surf Life Saving?

Roughly 25yrs

What do you enjoy most about being a member of a Surf Lifesaving Club?

Definitely the people, We are lucky that Surf Life Saving seems to attract great people that volunteer massive amounts of time to keep our beaches safe, whether it be as an administrator a trainer a competitor a lifesaver or a combination.

How has your training been going for the Country Championships?

Training has been mainly about consistency for me for a few years now, sticking to my routine and trying not to miss too many sessions. Having a great squad at Nowra Aquatic Park for swimming makes it easy to get up early in the mornings. I am also lucky with my job in the Navy at HMAS Albatross to do some of my own training during specific fitness times.

What are your goals for the Championships and the rest of the season?

Goals for these Championships are just to earn as many points as I can for my club and hopefully this year we might have a few races in some team events.

Country will be my last carnival for the season, as I will be heading overseas for work again.

Do you have any pre-event superstitions or preparations?

No superstitions just a stretching and warm up routine that I like to keep the same.

What are you most looking forward to about Country Championships?

Country Championships is always a fun carnival all the country clubs get to come together and the atmosphere is always great down the beach.

Are there any surf athletes you admire or have found to be an inspiration and why?

There are so many great athletes and role models in surf life saving, there are more than a few that I admire in different ways.

Athletes that try their best and never give up in races inspire me, when someone seems down and out but sticks to it, has a crack because anything can happen in the surf.

Mon 30 Jan 2017