ALS Lifeguards Prepare For New Season

Up to thirty current and aspiring Lifeguards from Port Stephens and Great Lakes Councils will be put through their paces at the Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) training and proficiency day on Saturday 31st August at One Mile Beach.

The training and proficiency day will test those wanting to become ALS Lifeguards against strict criteria to ensure they are able to provide a safe beach experience for the community. The day will also prepare the Lifeguards for the long season ahead, and allows Lifeguards to hone their rescue skills.

The proficiencies consist of physical testing components as well as Advanced First Aid/Resuscitation and Spinal components.

Each Lifeguard is required to complete a timed swim and a timed rescue mission as well as first aid and emergency management components.

ALS Southern Lifeguard Coordinator, Phil Dunn said the training and proficiency day is very important in ensuring the ALS continues to deliver the highest quality service to the public.

“Our main priority is to make sure our Lifeguards are equipped with the skills needed to keep beach-goers safe. The training and proficiency day assesses participants on their currency of skills, and prepares them for the long season ahead,” said Dunn.

“The proficiencies are not just a test of the Lifeguards' skills but also a chance to refine their current skills and introduce any new first aid or rescue techniques that have been modified over the off-season.

"We have a highly skilled and motivated group of Lifeguards in the Port Stephens and Great Lakes regions who continue to maintain the ALS's exceptional standards of beach safety and services to the public.”

The proficiencies being held are for all guards that will be working over the Spring Holiday period and the up-coming season.

Mon 26 Aug 2013