Avoca Lifesavers Win Rescue of the Month

A group of lifesavers, nippers and lifeguards from Avoca Beach have been awarded SLSNSW Rescue of the Month.

On Wednesday 12 December at around 4:30pm a member of the public heard calls for help from two women in trouble off the rocks between Avoca Beach and Winney Bay. The alarm was raised immediately with a 000 call to Police.

At the same time, the women were spotted by a passing surf ski paddler. The paddler quickly went to their aid and assessed the situation. He found that one of the women was unconscious, the other in a serious condition. Due to his lack of rescue equipment, the paddler reassured the conscious patient, teaching her how to float and then headed to Avoca Beach to get help.

The surf ski paddler raced more than a kilometre back toward the beach where he was able to notify three 13 year-old nippers from Avoca Beach SLSC - Beau Jeffries, Declan Tancred and Will Hardy - who were training on their boards. The group immediately headed to the women’s location.

Police had activated the Surf Life Saving Emergency Response System and the council lifeguards, Ambulance and Police were all attending the scene. Lifeguards quickly responded using RWCs (jetskis) and located the two patients.

Two of the nippers, Beau and Declan, assisted the lifeguards in securing the patients to the RWC sled and travelled back to shore with the women who were now both unconscious.

Back on shore, Avoca Club members and lifeguards commenced CPR on both patients. Paramedics arrived shortly after and tragically, one woman was pronounced deceased. The other eventually regained consciousness and was in a stable condition thanks to the efforts of the lifesavers.

The incredible commitment from all involved in this incident led to the saving of a life. The skills and dedication demonstrated throughout the rescue and resuscitation effort is a testament to the professionalism of the lifesaving and lifeguarding organisations and individuals involved.

For more information and to view past recipients please visit the Rescue of the Month Recognition Page.

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Fri 25 Jan 2013