Burning Palms Nipper Makes Her Mark

When the U9 Nippers lined up in the ClubsNSW Arena for the Beach Sprint Final at the recent NSW Surf Life Saving Age Championships all eyes turned to the one competitor whose road to the final was quite unique.

Emilia Danne was at Ocean Beach – Umina representing her club Burning Palms SLSC – nothing unusual about that so were thousands of other enthusiastic Nippers. What was a little different however was the fact that she is the first Nipper to represent Sydney’s most geographically isolated club at a State Championship event in almost 25 years.

She’s no stranger to success though after winning the Beach Sprint at the 2016 Sydney Branch Titles.

“It’s really good for Emilia to be out racing and we’re extremely proud of her. Burning Palms has so many unique challenges including access to the beach and not many competitors so it’s good for her to get out there and race,” said her father Gerry Danne.

“There’s only 2 girls in her age group at the club and they only do Nippers every second week, but for us as a family it’s incredibly important for her to be able to learn the skills that every other Nipper learns to ensure that she is confident in the water,” he said.

To reach the final where she would ultimately snare 6th place Emilia had to compete a gruelling schedule of five races across two days of competition, but the excitable youngster racing at her first State Titles took it all in her stride.

“The sand was very hot, but it was ok it made me run faster! There was a little bit of wind but I don’t mind that,” Emilia Danne said.

“I’m very happy it’s so fun to be able to compete and make the final.”

So what does this youngster think about her history making efforts?

“I really enjoy competing in Nippers and racing for my club Burning Palms and I’m proud to be here representing my club as the only competitor. Hopefully one day we will be able to get more.”

Photograph - The Danne family shortly after the Final of the U9 Female Beach Sprint at the 2016 NSW Surf Life Saving Age Championships at Ocean Beach – Umina. Pictured are Emilia, younger brother Harrison, mother Michelle, and father Gerry.

Fri 11 Mar 2016