Busy Lifeguarding Season For Great Lakes

The Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) has concluded its patrols for the 2013/2014 life-guarding season which saw more than 161,000 people visit the four ALS patrolled beaches in the Great Lakes Council.

While attendance for this summer season was lower than the previous two years, the region’s beaches remain extremely popular during the school holidays led by Elizabeth Beach which had 68,934 visitors.

Despite the drop in beach attendance lifeguards were kept busy performing 18 rescues this year and tending to 39 first aid cases. First aid cases dropped 87% from the previous season which can be attributed to the abnormally low amount of bluebottles during summer.

Lifeguards also made 4,449 preventative actions. Preventative actions include instructing swimmers to move out of dangerous areas or ensuring they swim between the flags.

The ALS is the largest provider of professional lifeguard services in the country. ALS Lifeguard Services Coordinator Brent Manieri said the Great Lakes Council was extremely supportive of the lifeguard service this season and praised lifeguards efforts.

“Once again the Australian Lifeguard Service has completed an extremely successful season where a wide variety of conditions were experienced by our Lifeguards. The professionalism that our Lifeguards continue to exhibit and the enthusiasm they show for the job means the public were vigilantly watched and provided with the highest service.

“It should be noted that Lifeguards volunteered their time on certain occasions to watch over large crowds of people, even when their shift had finished ensuring there were no incidents and the public were kept safe. It is this sort of dedication that makes working with our Lifeguards such a joy.

“Council has once again been very supportive this season and we look forward to further improving beach safety and working collaboratively with them leading into next season,” said Mr Manieri.

Many NSW councils have realised the benefit of ensuring a total service provision, as the Australian Lifeguard Service integrates with Surf Life Saving’s volunteer patrol structure, state-wide support operations network, 24-hour emergency callout system and strategically located Westpac Rescue helicopter services.

Great Lakes Council 2013/2014 Statistics:

  • Rescues - 18
  • Preventative actions – 4,449
  • First Aid - 39
  • Attendance – 161,515

Mon 19 May 2014