Byron Bay Clubbies Assist in Man's Rescue

Young clubbies from Byron Bay have put their training to good use as they carried out a rescue and assisted with the resuscitation of a man on Thursday evening.

Shortly before 5:30pm on Thursday January 8 while they were taking part in board training, some of the squad’s young members noticed an unconscious man floating face-down in the water approximately 200 metres south of the main flags.

It is unknown how the 60-year-old man got into difficulty in the water.

Three members used their race boards and surf ski to keep the man’s head above the water, while coaches Glen Lawrence and Paul Irwin came out to assist in bringing the man to shore.

Once on the beach CPR was immediately commenced and a squad member alerted the lifeguards who brought down some additional resuscitation equipment including a defibrillator.

Paramedics soon arrived and continued CPR with the assistance of the lifeguards. Lifesaving NSW Manager Andy Kent said this is an example of lifesavers putting their training to good use.

“It was fortunate that this incident occurred near were lifesavers were doing their training, and it is pleasing that they reacted to it as team the way they had been trained to do.

“While it is too early to know the outcome of this situation, our thoughts are with the man, his friends and his family,” Mr Kent said.

The man was later transported to hospital where his condition remains unknown.

Image: stock image of Byron Bay

Fri 9 Jan 2015