Call for Lifesavers for American Summer Camps

Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA) is currently looking for qualified Surf Lifesavers and Lifeguards to escape the Aussie winter and embrace the American summer by spending 9 weeks in the USA at American Summer Camps.

Australian Lifesavers and Lifeguards are in such high demand that CCUSA is offering guaranteed placements and a 5% Program Discount to Surf Life Saving Club Members.

To receive the 5% discount and guaranteed placement applicants must:

  • Supply CCUSA with a certificate or letter from their surf club stating they have completed or will complete the Surf Bronze Medallion/Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) course during the Australian summer of 2014/2015. The qualification must be valid until at least September 1st 2015.
  • Apply to CCUSA’s Camp Counselors USA program and be fully accepted to the program by February 1st 2015. (This includes the complete application and interview process.)

On 18 January 2015 CCUSA will hold its annual Job Fair - an opportunity to meet in person with US Camp Directors and potentially get offered a job on the spot.

If you would like more information about the Camp Counselor program or the opportunities available to Lifeguards and Lifesavers in the American Summer Camp environment, please visit the official CCUSA website.

Thu 18 Dec 2014