CCUSA Calling All Lifesavers and Lifeguards

Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA) is calling lifesavers and lifeguards to volunteer for their summer of a lifetime and are offering a special 5% discount to all Bronze Medallion holders.

For over 27 years, CCUSA has been placing role models at the finest summer camps in the USA. During this time, CCUSA has been responsible for assisting over 30,000 Aussie to participate on Camp, Work and Volunteer adventure programs.

Use your skills to travel abroad, experience traditional American summer camp culture, make new friends and learn new things.

Greta Brodie from Dee Why had the summer of her life when she volunteered as a lifeguard with CCUSA.

I am a volunteer lifesaver at my local beach, Dee Why. I loved the beach and was a competitive swimmer, so I thought I would combine the two together.

When I decided I wanted to go and work at an American summer camp I knew that the position I wanted to be was a lifeguard. I had my surf lifesaving qualifications and also swim teacher (Austswim) qualifications so I hoped putting all these experiences together I could be hired.

In early March I was hired as a lifeguard at Camp Graham, a Girl Scout Camp in North Carolina. I had the most amazing summer, and I could not have imagined it not being on the waterfront. It was a small camp, so our waterfront team was only 6 of us. But as part of the waterfront team I got to teach sailing (something I'd never done before), canoeing, kayaking and swimming. When we weren't teaching we got to patrol free swim from the dock, as well as guarding kids whilst they were on the water trampoline and the blob.

Working as a lifeguard at a summer camp was one of the best experiences! (Not to mention the fact that it was winter at home!) I am so glad I had the previous experience at home so that I could use it at camp.

I'd also like to say once again, thank you so much CCUSA for making this whole experience happen! You guys are incredible and I will definitely be recommending you to my friends! (Well I actually already have).

Program information evenings are being held across the country. For further information, to apply and to find your nearest information evening, visit the CCUSA website.

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Mon 9 Sep 2013