Charles Uses His Lifesaving Skills

It was a normal Tuesday morning at Roseville train station on 18 March 2014 and Long Reef SLSC cadet Charles Daley was waiting to catch his 7.15am train to school.

Charles joined Long Reef as a nipper in September 2005 and has been around the club ever since. Upon the train doors opening people were yelling and screaming for help as a man had collapsed from a sudden heart attack. Having been around the club for a number of years Charles felt confident having done his Surf Rescue Certificate in December 2011 and recently his Bronze Medallion in December 2013.

The 15 year old dropped his school bag on the platform and jumped onto the train preparing to commence CPR. As he reached the man however, the patient began to vomit so Charles rolled him into the recovery position, cleared his airways and loosened his tie. Charles along with another lady reassured the man for 15 minutes until paramedics arrived and took over.

Charles not wanting any glory slipped away quietly into the crowd making his own way to school, not wanting to get in trouble for being late. Upon arriving he showered and got freshened up for the day ahead. It wasn't until a passenger who witnessed the incident contacted Charles’ school St Joseph’s College and informed the Deputy Principal, (prior to that the neither school nor Charles’ Mum had any idea of what had occurred on the train trip).

Charles’ mother Jane was thrilled with the knowledge that one of her children would step up voluntarily to help someone in need.

“It doesn't surprise me that Charles would do this as he's very confident in his abilities and always the go to member of the family if you need some action. We always thought it was important for our kids to learn surf safety and then the opportunity to do the Surf Rescue Certificate and Bronze Medallion through the club was something we thought would be invaluable," said Jane.

"My father passed away from a heart attack on a golf club with no one around him able to administer CPR. I can’t help but think if there had been someone like Charles around, this wouldn't have happened. I feel very strongly that everyone should have some sort of basic training in first aid and CPR, because you just never know when you might need it, even on your way to school! The surf clubs do an amazing job offering opportunities to members to get these skills and I am proud of Charles doing his part,” she added.

Charles has been at Long Reef SLSC for nine seasons having gone through the nippers and cadet program. During these programs he has gained confidence in his ability having been on patrol at Long Reef and also on exchange to Pacific Palms and Bellambi. This season Charles completed his Bronze Medallion with dad Joe and sister Isabella.

Charles will now been nominated for a SLSA Meritorious Award for his quick thinking and outstanding actions.

Thu 27 Mar 2014