Club Member Injured After Shark Attack

A Black Head SLSC lifesaver is in hospital with a serious lower leg injury following an encounter with a shark while on a surf ski at Halliday’s Point, Black Head on Friday.

The 65-year-old had been paddling for around an hour and a half when he encountered the shark around 50 metres off-shore.

Warren Thompson, a local resident, saw the drama unfold from the beach.

“It would have been around 11.30 or so and I was down there checking out the surf conditions when I saw the paddler fall off the side of his ski,” Mr Thompson said.

“Something clearly had knocked him off the ski and he was hanging on to the edge. There were a couple of us on the beach and we all just sprinted to the water to see what we could do to help.

“He had lost his paddle but was able to climb back onto the ski and caught a wave to the shore. It looked to us like he was having heart attack. When we reached him he told us to stay out of the water.”

Mr Thompson ran to get his car to move the injured man off the beach while a young couple nearby called police.

“I was able to get him into the back of the car and move him up towards the surf club where local doctors and nurses had rushed down from the medical centre to help.

“They did a fantastic job to help him. He was conscious and talking to us but looked in a fair amount of pain,” said Mr Thompson.

Following this initial treatment, the injured man was stabilised and taken to hospital. Further details about the nature of his condition weren’t available.

It is not clear what species of shark was involved in this attack, but the NSW Department of Primary Industries has been notified and will launch an investigation.

Signs informing residents of the closure of Black Head beach have been erected and will remain in place for at least the next 24 hours.

Fri 4 Sep 2015