Clubbie Profile March: Jasmine Davis

Our Clubbie Profile for the month of March is Jasmine Davis from Crowdy Head SLSC. Jasmine has been selected to participate in next month's Youth Opportunity Makers Workshop and is also the Age Manager for the U6s at the Lower North Coast club.

Club: Crowdy Head SLSC
Occupation: Student

When did you join Surf Life Saving and why?

I first joined Crowdy Head SLSC in 2005 when I was 5 years old. I joined the club because both mum and dad were members and had been for a long period.

What have you enjoyed most about this season?

This season I've enjoyed being the Age Manager for my little under 6s, they’re all such a delight and we have so much fun every weekend.

Tell us about your club, Crowdy Head.

My fellow members and I like to use the name 'Royal Crowdy' as our club is small, friendly, held with high regard and like a 'Royal family'. We are a small club growing bigger every season which is great! Within our club we have nipper fun days, discos, trivia nights, plus many more fun events.

You will be attending the Youth Opportunity Makers Workshop next month, what are you looking forward to?

I'm most excited about everything, flying in a plane, meeting lots of new people and learning new things and skills for my future with surf life saving.

What are your goals within Surf Life Saving?

My goals are to inspire others and one day be like my dad, but also to just be the best I can be and teach the young kids in my club all the things they need to know to become a surf lifesaver and to never stop learning.

What has been your best memory as a clubbie?

My best memory was during the last summer holidays, my family and I were care-taking at the club and one morning we woke up to see all these dolphins surfing the waves and so my dad, brother and I paddled out and we were surfing with the dolphins - it was beautiful!

Who is someone you admire in the Surf Life Saving movement and why?

The person I admire and look up to is my dad, Allan. Dad first joined Crowdy Head SLSC in 1988, aged 15. He decided to join as his surf swimming skills were poor and because a group of his mates at school were going to do their Bronze he thought it'd be a good idea and an opportunity to improve his swimming. He is now Club President, a Life Member, patrolling member, Nipper Age Manager and is the Director of Administration and a Duty Officer for Lower North Coast Branch.

Everything he does is because he loves it and just wants to give back to the community. Dad has received many awards over the years. But his most highlighted one was when he was announced NSW Surf Lifesaver of the Year for the 2013/14 season. I was the proudest daughter to have seen what my dad had achieved and to see how much time he puts into the community is wonderful!

Favourite beach that isn’t yours?

My favourite beach other than mine would have to be Seal Rocks, although I don't go there often it's absolutely gorgeous down there and the water is always so clear.

Thu 31 Mar 2016