Clubbie Profile March: Katie Williams

Our Clubbie Profile for the month of March is Katie Williams from Collaroy SLSC. Katie recently won gold at our State Championships in the Open Female Flags, was captain of the winning NSW Interstate team and stars in the Summer of Surf series on FoxSports.

Name: Katie Williams

Age: 21

Surf Life Saving Club: Collaroy

Volunteer hours: 283.75 hours

Occupation: Student (UTS scholarship)

When did you join Surf Life Saving and why?
I followed my brother as a Nipper and started at the age of four. I ended up enjoying two years in the Under 6s and really loved the beach, especially running. At a young age I had way too much energy and needed to exercise so Nippers was a good way for me to be involved in sport in a social environment. Also I wasn't good at following the rules, so Nippers was a little more laid back in comparison to gymnastics.

What is your greatest achievement on the sand?
My greatest achievement on the sand would be winning gold in the Beach Flags at the World Youth Championships.

What is your best clubbie memory?
Racing in Japan for Australia and representing my country alongside my good friends and other inspiring athletes.

Favourite beach that isn’t your own?
Bondi Beach

Why do you volunteer as a lifesaver?
Without lifesavers the beach would be a dangerous place. It’s nice to know that I give time to the community and in some way or another I’m offering my club and people around me a sense of security when hitting the surf.

Who is someone you admire in the Surf Life Saving movement and why?
I've never met an athlete with such determination like Caine Eckstein. He successfully performed 4210 chin ups which is insane; his mental focus and drive as an athlete is totally inspiring.

What are your goals within Surf Life Saving?
In the short term, I hope to achieve a medal at Aussies and in the long term my goal is to make the Open Australian team and win gold at the World Championships.

Tell us about NSW winning the Interstate Championships in January?
There’s nothing better than a team win especially wearing blue and representing your state. We had a team full of champions and together we had a truly epic win. Everyone in that team deserved to be there and gave 110%. It was an honour to captain the Opens team and help guide the younger athletes.

As you mentioned before, you’ve won a World Youth gold medal in Flags, how does your State Champs gold medal compare?
World Youth will always be the highest achievement on paper but when I came second at Aussies it felt the best. It was the best open flags result I've achieved and I was up against the two best flaggers in the world! Competing at State also felt great to have a decent hit out with tough NSW competition and it was also a nice indication of how I'm travelling for Aussies!

Apart from winning gold, what was your highlight from State Champs?
My highlight of State Champs was watching my fellow Collaroy teammates achieve great results. A few of my best friends are boaties and they achieved bronze while Dean Scarff won both sprint & flags and our open boys won the relay. But my all-time highlight was my brother finishing second in the flags which was amazing! It was awesome to get a gold and silver on the beach for the Williams family! It’s a massive inspiration to be warming up and racing with an outstanding club!

Tell us about your work with Summer of Surf?
It's an amazing series! I've been able to work at the beach wearing a FoxSports shirt and chat in front of the camera... it's basically a dream job for me. I'm working as an 'on beach interviewer', so after every final I interview the winner. It's awesome to get up close and personal with the athletes, a lot of them are friends of mine so we have fun with them and give them some lip. I've also been competing in the beach flags for most of the competition as well, so it’s a balance between racing and interviewing but I love every minute of it!

Anything else you would like to add:
Thanks Surf Life Saving for helping me every step of the way, it’s an amazing movement and I'm proud to be a clubbie!

Katie and the NSW team after winning the Interstate Title earlier this year.

Katie with fellow NSW team captain, Nathan Smith

Wed 25 Mar 2015