Country Champs A Family Affair For Woolgoolga SLSC

Twins Emily and Jak Snowling, along with best friend Emily Bell endured a cold initiation in their first ever race at the Country Championships, but the excitable youngsters didn’t mind a bit.

Woolgoolga SLSC is one of the smaller teams at the Country Championships with just 12 members making the trek to Mollymook, but the club from the North Coast Branch has plenty of heart.

In the Under 9 age group, twins Emily and Jak Snowling, and best friend Emily Bell were nervous but excited as they prepared for their first race of the championships on Friday.

Jak was first into the water in the boy’s category, and was cheered on by his family, friends and a very vocal Woolgoolga contingent as he battled some challenging waves under an overcast sky.

“It’s good to be down here with friends and family. The water was a bit cold, but it was a fun swim,” Jak said after the race.

“I’m looking forward to doing the sprints, which is my favourite event.”

Emily Snowling and Emily Bell were practically joined at the hip as they stood together on the starting line, and managed to keep pace with each other throughout the race.

Both were delighted to finish the race, and said it was very different to their home beach.

“It was very fun out there, but it was really hard with the waves. There wasn’t a plan to swim together it just happened,” Emily Bell said.

“We always end up with each other!” she laughed

“I’ve got a lot of other events to do, but I’m looking forward to racing in the board.”

“It was very fun to do my first swim at the Country Championships, and I’m very happy to finish it. I will be doing a few other events, but flags is my favourite.

“The waves were quite hard to swim in,” Emily Snowling added.

Proud mothers Julie Snowling, and Nicole Bell said they were very happy with their experiences at the Country Championships so far.

“It’s such a great thing for kids to do, as they need to be able to have the confidence to swim in the ocean in any conditions,” Nicole Bell said.

“We’ve only lived on the coast for two years as we’re originally from the UK, and on the coast it’s a really important skill,” said Julie Snowling.

The Stramit NSW Country Championships are on at Mollymook Beach from 16 – 18 January. For further information and live results, please see our Event Page

Fri 16 Jan 2015