Country Champs Athlete Profile: Finn Askew

With the 2015 Stramit NSW Country Championships just around the corner, SLSNSW takes a look at some of those hoping to make their mark on the event.

Finn Askew from South West Rocks SLSC is an accomplished water performer. The youngster loves competing at the Country Championships, and has achieved plenty of success in a short period of time. In 2015 he will be aiming for his third straight win in the Ironperson event.

Name: Finn Askew
Club: South West Rocks SLSC
Age Group: Under 13s
Events you are planning to contest:

My focus coming up to the Country Champs is the water events. I will compete in the swim, board, ironman, and the team events which are board rescue and board relay.

Previous appearances or results at Country Champs or other major events:

I’ve been competing at the Country Titles since I was in the Under 8s when I competed in the wade. It was at my home beach, South West Rocks for a number of years which I loved. Our organisers ran a great carnival and it’s good to sleep in your own bed leading up to the events.

In the last 2 years since competing in the Ironman I have won the Under 11s and the Under 12s. I’m pretty focused on taking out those events again, I love endurance events. I won the swim in the Under 11s and placed 4th last year. In the board I have placed second in the Under 11s and 12s. It’s always on between Tommy Swift from Cudgen and I, we have a friendly rivalry in that event.

I’ve just come home from representing the Mid North Coast Branch in the NSW Interbranch Champs at Catherine Hill Bay. I love that carnival and it’s a great opportunity to gauge yourself on how you are going against the other top competitors in the country branches.

How long have you been involved in surf lifesaving?

I took an interest in Surf Life Saving when I was 5 years old, My Mum and Dad run Nippers at South West Rocks and my 3 brothers and sister all do it so it’s a family affair.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of a surf lifesaving club?

I love that you get to meet new friends from all the other clubs. I’ve made some really great friends over the last few years of competing. I have just completed my Surf Rescue Certificate and I’m really enjoying doing patrols with my Mum and Dad and learning new things all the time.

How has your training been going for the Country Championships?

I am happy with my training so far, my swim coach Tony Hudson loves Surf Life Saving so he knows what is needed in the pool to transfer to successful ocean swimming. I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to my board training but that will happen now school’s finished.

What are your goals for the Championships and the rest of the season?

I plan on a successful run in the water but I’ll be nervous because I’ve taken out the Ironman event for the last 2 years and all the pressure will be on me. I’ll be giving it my best shot in the swim and the board as well. I will be heading to Umina again this year for State Champs. I have always made all three water event finals and had top 10 finishes, so I will keep training and see what happens.

Do you have any pre-event superstitions or preparations?

I like to keep things the same from day to day, I’m like that with every sport I do. I like to be well prepared, I like Mum having my goggles with her. I don’t know why I just do.

What are you most looking forward to about Country Championships?

I look forward to Country for a lot of reasons, I love the competition and the fact that you never know what the surf will deliver you, I love that we are travelling to Mollymook because I also get to surf down there too. Meeting up with all my friends from the other clubs too is great.

Are there any surf athletes you admire or have found to be an inspiration and why?

It has to be Shannon Eckstein, he’s an amazing athlete. I would love to attend one of his Ironman Clinics; he would have so much to offer.

The 2015 Stramit NSW Country Championships will be held at Mollymook Beach on Jan 16-18.

For further information about the Championships, please check out our event page

Mon 12 Jan 2015