First Aid Training Continuing To Grow

In June, Surf Life Saving NSW will reach a significant milestone by training its 250,000th person in first aid.

SLSNSW’s registered training arm, the Australian Lifesaving Academy (ALA), started in 2004 and has since grown exponentially, fast becoming one of the biggest first aid and CPR registered training organisations in NSW.

Since 2004, the Australian Lifesaving Academy has trained over 104,000 people in CPR, more than 83,000 in first aid and taught basic first aid and resuscitation to over 6000 junior school students.

SLSNSW Academy Trainer Coordinator, Daniel Gay, has witnessed the growth of the Academy since he joined the organisation as a contracted trainer in 2007.

He is now responsible for coordinating seven fulltime trainers and more than 50 contractors throughout the state teaching first aid in surf clubs, businesses, schools and more.

“Since I’ve been involved I’ve witnessed first aid training change so much. We now have courses that are nationally recognised and industry specific and there is so much more emphasis on compliance and hygiene,” said Mr Gay.

Research has shown that in Australia, you only have a 10% chance of survival if you have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital so the benefits of learning CPR and first aid training are obvious.

“Participants who gain the skills to respond to an unexpected emergency through our courses can potentially save a life one day.

“We regularly get feedback from clients and trainers who use these skills they have learnt in real life scenarios in public or at home and I myself have been faced with similar emergencies. The skills we teach are truly invaluable and you just never know when you may need to be prepared,” explained Mr Gay.

Prepare yourself and enrol today. It is very simple to enrol or learn more about a variety of first aid and CPR courses by visiting the Surf Life Saving NSW website and following the links. Discounted rates apply to surf club members.

Thu 5 Jun 2014