Interview With Rachelle King- 2013 Pool Rescue Champion Club Captain

Terrigal SLSC became the first NSW team to be crowned the Australian Pool Rescue Champions since 2008 after winning the event over the weekend at the Sleeman Sports Complex in Brisbane.

In a huge effort for the club, Terrigal overcame perennial favourites, Maroochydore SLSC and BMD Northcliffe SLSC to etch their names in pool rescue history.

Terrigal SLSC Coach and Team Captain, Rachelle King, sat down with us following the club’s big victory:

How does it feel to be the 2013 Australian Pool Rescue Champions? This was Terrigal’s first time placing in the national titles and we would have been stoked for a place, let alone first.

How’d you and the team feel coming into the championships? We won gold at the NSW State Champs so finishing 200 points in front of Wanda made us believe that we had a strong team and a good chance at the Nationals.

What has your training schedule been like? We’ve been training through winter since June with myself and Paul Lemmon both coaching the team.

How many people were in the Terrigal team? About 25.

Where did you do your training? At the Bingara aquatic centre.

You were not only the Team Captain and one of the coaches; you’re also on the Australian Lifesaving Team squad AND at UNI too. How do you do it!? I work on Saturdays too haha Although it’s quite hectic at times, it’s a great payoff to be the Australian champs at the end of the day. It’s all worth it and i wouldn'd do it any other way.

So how does it feel to have beaten QLD? It’s great to see a NSW team finish in front! Especially considering our team (and our club) is half the size of some of the bigger QLD teams; it’s a great achievement I think.

Rachelle, you performed brilliantly over the weekend. What were some of the highlights for you? I set a new Australian record in the 100m rescue medley. Also in the 100m manikin carry, I came in third but all three place getters came in under the Australian record time.

What were some of your team highlights? The Under 19 and 17 boys relay team broke the Australian record in all three races – obstacle, manikin and medley – which was awesome. The team consisted of Keelan Bridge, Tom Simpson, Jack Waddell and Daniel Smith. Jack Waddell also became the fastest person in Australian history in the water with fins finishing in 17.88 seconds in the 17-18 Men’s 50m Swim with Fins.

What’s next on the cards? I’ll be travelling to Hawaii in eight days to compete at the Maui Channel Swim and then when I return from Hawaii, eight days after that I’ll leave for Japan to compete with the Australian Lifesaving Team at the 2013 Surf Rescue Challenge. Really looking forward to it!

Wed 21 Aug 2013