Layne Beachley Foundation Grant

The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation grant program is now open for female surf club members.

Since securing 7 world surfing titles, Layne Beachley has been inspiring and motivating women through her very own Foundation - Aim for the Stars.

The Layne Beachley Foundation aims to empower and enable individuals to take control of their lives, to invest in their future and fulfil their potential. The Foundation support girls and women with initiative and passion, that are committed to achieving a dream and courageous enough to ask for help along the way.

The Aim for the Stars program aims to provide one-off funding assistance to Australian females aged 12 and over to achieve their goals in sporting, academic, community, business or cultural pursuits.

The program provides funding of up to $3,000 (exc GST) for individuals and up to $6,000 (exc GST) for groups in the following categories:

  • Ages 12 – 15 : “Kickstart” Grants; Junior Athlete with a Disability Grants.
  • Ages 12 and above : Environmental Grants; Academic Grants; Group Grants.
  • Ages 16 and above : Individual Grants; Business Grants; Senior Athlete with Disability Grants.

Please note that Surf life Savers are able to apply directly.

The closing date for applications is 16 November 2012 and surf life savers are able to apply directly.

For any assistance with your application please contact Alistair Russell, Partnerships Manager, Surf Life Saving NSW on 9471 8055.

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Mon 5 Nov 2012