Lennox Head Repaint is a Community Effort

Lennox Head - Alstonville SLSC is almost unrecognisable after taking part in the Dulux Surf Club Project, which aims to paint every surf club in Australia.

As part of their most recent project, Dulux had supplied the club with 100 litres of paint, and an army of dedicated volunteers did the rest.

Club members of all ages helped cover the weather-worn blue timber walls with a warm yellow, and the exposed timber poles were painted a cool grey-blue blue - the new colour scheme echoing sand and sea.

The walls of Lennox Head's Surf Club have certainly weathered over the years. In 2010 a tornado hit the town and being so close to Queensland they’re often exposed to the lingering effects of cyclones. The paint Dulux supplied will give the walls the protection they need against these types of extreme weather.

Lennox Head SLSC members play a huge role in their local community, not just patrolling between the flags but also performing rescues in the nearby lake and helping with emergencies around town. The community spirit of Lennox Head SLSC couldn't be stronger.

To get your paint, register your club now for the Dulux Surf Club Project.

Fri 2 Nov 2012