Lifeguards Perform CPR At Byron Bay's Main Beach

A fast and professional response by three lifeguards of the Australian Lifeguard Service has resulted in a successful CPR operation at Byron Bay’s Main Beach over the weekend.

A 58 year old man was pulled unconscious from the surf with no pulse and suspected spinal injuries prompting the lifeguards to commence CPR immediately.

Within 30 seconds of the man being pulled from the surf, two lifeguards were performing CPR while the third had the defibrillator set up.

After nearly ten minutes of CPR with no pulse, lifeguards detected a weak pulse only shortly before paramedics arrived.

Australian Lifeguard Service (NSW) Manager, Nigel Tebb, praised the Lifeguard's response and professionalism.

“Even with seemingly safe swimming conditions this incident highlights how things can go south quickly in a dynamic environment like the beach.”

“The ALS lifeguards on the day demonstrated their professional training and kept cool heads throughout trying circumstances in order to regain a pulse,” said Mr Tebb.

Sally Herron, holidaying with her family from the Blue Mountains was right there as the incident unfolded and was extremely impressed by the speed with which the lifeguards responded.

She watched as lifeguards and members of the public worked to bring the unconscious man to shore, where they commenced CPR immediately.

"I can't praise enough how quickly they worked and how professionally they communicated with each other whilst everybody gathered around.

"They all knew exactly what to do and how to do it. There was no fuss, they just operated as a well-coordinated team, "she said.

Ms Herron said witnessing the emergency had given her more respect for the importance of swimming at a patrolled beach.

"It made me feel very safe as a member of the public, watching how they worked. If this man had been swimming at an unpatrolled beach, he would not have had a chance of surviving."

Mon 13 Jan 2014