Lifeguards Resume Munmorah Patrol

Lifeguards from the Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) will shortly be back on duty patrolling Lake Munmorah’s Frazer Park Beach and Magenta Shores Resort ahead of what promises to be a busy summer.

The summer holidays are traditionally the busiest time of the year for these professional lifeguards who are trained to handle and respond to any emergency situation, which for those posted to Frazer Park often includes responding to rock fishing incidents on this notorious stretch of coastline.

Lifeguards will be on patrol 7-days-a-week at Frazer National Park from Saturday 19 December, and at Magenta Shores from December 26.

Additionally local Central Coast surf clubs will be patrolling on weekends and public holidays throughout the summer period ensuring that trained lifesavers will be on hand at a significant amount of popular tourist spots.

ALS NSW Manager Brent Manieri said lifeguards are looking forward to resuming their patrol duties after performing strongly in their annual proficiency tests.

“We are at the stage of the season now where all the testing is complete and everyone is just really looking forward to putting their skills into practice.

“This year we will be continuing to emphasise preventative actions on the part of our lifeguards to ensure that potentially dangerous situations are dealt with before they escalate. This could include such actions as encouraging swimmers to swim between the flags and identifying hazards that could impact on beachgoers safety,” Mr Manieri said.

He also praised Munmorah State Conservation Area and Magenta Shores Strata for their commitment to the safety of all beach goers in the area.

“Our focus, like our partners, is ensuring the safety of all beach goers in the area, and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with each partner and delivering a high level of service to locals and tourists alike who visit these beaches,” he concluded.

Lifeguards from the ALS will be on patrol from the following times;

Frazer Park
19/12/15 – 26/01/15
Magenta Shores Resort
26/12/15 – 10/01/16

For a full list of patrolled beaches and times please visit the BeachSafe Website

Thu 17 Dec 2015