Lifeguards To Resume Patrols On Far North Coast

Lifeguards from the Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) will shortly resume patrols on beaches across Byron Bay, Ballina, and Richmond which coincides with the annual influx of tourists looking to make the most of a coastal Christmas break.

Byron Bay Council’s decision to provide lifeguards throughout the winter season has been widely applauded by locals and tourists alike, with other beaches in the shire including South Golden, Brunswick Heads, First Sun, The Pass, Wategos, Tallows, Suffolk Park and Broken Head all resuming patrols. With the exception of Main Beach and Brunswick Heads all patrols will be a seven-days-a-week service.

In Ballina, lifeguards have been patrolling Lennox Head (Seven Mile Beach) since late September with patrols resuming at Sharps and Shelly Beach on Saturday 19 December, and Lighthouse Beach on Monday 21 December. All patrols will be conducted between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Meanwhile in the Richmond Valley, lifeguards will be patrolling Evans Head between Monday and Friday from Monday 21 December.

Additionally volunteer surf lifesavers will be patrolling on weekends and public holidays ensuring that there will be plenty of eyes on the water throughout the summer.

ALS NSW Manager Brent Manieri said lifeguards are looking forward to resuming their patrol duties after performing strongly in their annual proficiency tests.

“We are at the stage of the season now where all the testing is complete and everyone is just really looking forward to putting their skills into practice.

“This year we will be continuing to emphasise preventative actions on the part of our lifeguards to ensure that potentially dangerous situations are dealt with before they escalate. This could include such actions as encouraging swimmers to swim between the flags and identifying hazards that could impact on beachgoers safety,” Mr Manieri said.

He also praised the three Councils for their commitment to the safety of all beach goers in the area.

“Our focus is ensuring the safety of all beach goers in the area, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with Byron Bay, Ballina, and Richmond Valley Councils and continuing to deliver the high level of professional lifeguarding standards that locals and visitors have come to expect from the Australian Lifeguard Service.”

Lifeguards will be patrolling the following Far North Coast Beaches this summer;

Byron Bay
South Golden
17/12/15 – 28/01/16
Brunswick Heads
17/12/15 – 27/01/16
First Sun
17/12/15 – 27/01/16
Main Beach Byron
17/12/15 – 25/09/16
The Pass
19/12/15 – 26/01/16
19/12/15 – 26/01/16
19/12/15 – 26/01/16
Suffolk Park
17/12/15 – 28/01/16
Broken Head
19/12/15 – 26/01/16

Lennox Head (Seven Mile)
21/09/15 – 22/04/16
19/12/15 – 26/01/16
19/12/15 – 26/01/15
21/12/15 – 25/01/16

Richmond Valley
Evans Head
21/12/15 – 25/01/16

For a full list of patrolled beaches and times please visit the BeachSafe Website

Thu 17 Dec 2015