Lifesavers Rescue Woman From Rocks in Sydney

A dramatic and tricky rescue took place this afternoon by surf lifesaving assets at Vaucluse after a woman fell seven metres onto rocks.

The Surf Rescue Offshore Rescue Boat (ORB) with three volunteer crew aboard was tasked to respond to the incident as it was considered the best and safest way to retrieve the woman from the rocky crevice into which she had fallen.

The vessel travelled from Gordon's Bay around to Rose Bay in Sydney Harbour and picked up paramedics and rescue equipment. They travelled to the scene at Vaucluse where more than an hour was spent securing the female 15 year old patient onto a floating rescue stretcher which the crew then swam out to the ORB and returned the patient to an Ambulance at Rose Bay.

The ORB is crewed by volunteers from several Sydney Branch SLSCs, who did a fantastic job in difficult conditions. The specialised vessel is fully equipped with rescue and first aid equipment and is extremely valuable in situations where manoeuvrability is needed and extraction from the air is not possible or appropriate.

Sun 11 Oct 2015