Lifesaving Champs a Roaring Success

The sun was fierce, and the competition even fiercer as the 2015 NSW Surf Life Saving Championships got underway at the weekend with some of the Lifesaving events.

The Champion Lifesaver and Patrol Competition events were staged with lifesavers aged 15 and above competing. These events are a demonstration of a surf lifesaver’s overall skills in both practical and theoretical lifesaving techniques.

To be crowned Champion Lifesaver, competitors must demonstrate the physical lifesaving skills and knowledge required in a variety of rescue scenarios. It’s a test of endurance as much as mental and physical strength held over two highly competitive days of competition.

With teamwork so much a part of the role of the lifesaver, the patrol competition is a unique event which allows teams to fine-tune their teamwork in variety of rescue scenarios used on our beaches every days.

Eagle-eyed officials judged individual and team performances with marks being awarded or deducted depending on a competitor’s techniques.

North Steyne’s Shannon Job turned in another strong performance to claim victory in the Champion Lifesaver in a red-hot open field.

“I’m very happy with the result as it certainly was a very strong field. It was probably the toughest and most competitive line-up over the last three years.

“It’s the third year we’ve competed at Ocean beach-Umina, and while the lack of waves doesn’t suit my natural style it still was a very enjoyable competition. The facilities there are excellent, the officials know their roles, and there is good water safety so I can’t complain,” Job said.

Job said the heat wasn’t really a factor throughout the two days of competition, but it was difficult at times with very little assistance from the waves.

On the horizon for the Sydney Northern Beaches athlete is a spot at the national championships, but it is helping mentor the next generation of lifesavers that really has him excited.

“I’ve qualified for Aussies so I’ll be looking forward to competing in that in Queensland in April. The other thing I’m looking at continuing to do is coaching in an expanded Champion Lifesaver program on Sydney’s Northern Beaches,” Job said.

“It’s a great chance for everyone to get together and work on skills that will help them not only in competition, but in their regular patrols. We’re very lucky there’s so much talent coming through on the Northern Beaches. Everyone’s skills and techniques are much stronger now than a few years ago, which is great to see.”

Lifesaving events continue this weekend with the First Aid competition on Saturday 7 March.

2015 NSW Lifeaving Championships Results:

Champion Lifesaver

Men. 1 Christopher Curulli (Manly), 2 Max Moon (Manly), 3 Bennett Frerck (Freshwater)
Women. 1 Andrea Malm (Freshwater), 2 Bronte Smith (Umina), 3 Jasmine Darwin (Umina)

Men. 1 Jackson Borg (Newport), 2 Callum Lowe-Griffiths (Queenscliff), 3 Jonathan Curulli (Queenscliff)
Women. 1 Jemma Smith (Umina), 2 Courtney Sloan (North Steyne), 3 Mollie Murphy (Umina)

Men. 1 Jake de Kort (Collaroy), 2 Lachlan Bruce (Manly), 3 Jack Waining (Umina)
Women. 1 Sita Mason (Manly), 2 Bella Charlesworth (South Curl Curl), 3 Teigan Miller (Umina)

Men. 1 Shannon Job (North Steyne), 2 Paul Jefferson (Coogee), 3 Thomas Duffy (Freshwater)
Women. 1 Clare Freakley (Freshwater), 2 Kiorie Bennett (South Curl Curl), 3 Alexandra McCulloch (North Bondi)

30 – 39 yrs
1 Shelley Smith (Umina), 2 Angie Radford (Umina)

40+ yrs
1 Anthony Shubitz (Coogee), 2 John Boakes (Freshwater), 3 Robert Illidge (Coogee)
1 Kerry Armstrong-Smith (Umina), 2 Christine Bishop (Umina), 3 Janet Proudfoot (Newport)

Patrol Competition:


Open 1 Coogee, 2 North Steyne, 3 Ocean Beach

The NSW Surf Life Saving Championships supported by ClubsNSW, continues Friday 6 March.

Age Championships 6-8 March 2015
Masters Championships 11-12 March 2015
Open Championships 13-15 March 2015

Visit the NSW Surf Life Saving Championships event page here.

Tue 3 Mar 2015