Local Tibetans Learn Beach Safety Skills

Tibetan families living in Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches learnt some valuable surf safety skills with the help of local lifesavers.

Dee Why Surf Lifesavers Steve Haggart and Adrienne Lowe addressed the group of 40 with a presentation on surf awareness and CPR, before hitting the sand to demonstrate some rescue techniques and say hello to the patrol team.

"They were just full of enthusiasm," said Steve.

"We had an interpreter which made it so much easier to communicate.

"They were fascinated and very attentive when we showed them how to identify rips and currents and they actually were not aware of the high number of drownings in Asian countries."

Statistics show that one child dies from drowning every two days in Beijing and a staggering 13 children die from drowning every day in the Jiangxi Province.

"The kids love to play with sea urchins in the rock pools so we also explained the dangers of an octopus sting and how fatal it could be," Steve said.

"The Surf Ed book, with picture illustrations, made it easier for them to understand," he added.

Surf Life Saving NSW gave each of the families a copy of the CPR Now home training kit to take with them to practice and learn more in their own time.

Thu 6 Dec 2012