Man Drowns at Brunswick Beach

Surf lifesavers from Brunswick SLSC were unable to revive a man who was pulled from the surf late Saturday afternoon at around 5pm.

The patrol had finished for the day but lifesavers responded quickly to the beach when the alarm was raised that a man in his 20s was missing in the water.

Brunswick lifesavers and Far North Coast Duty Officers responded along with a Support Operations jetski, locating the man in the water and bringing him to shore where CPR efforts were commenced. He was taken to hospital by Ambulance however could not be revived.

For the club's volunteer lifesavers, it was an extremely sad end to a very busy day on the beach. A total of 13 rescues were conducted earlier in the day on the run-out tide, all outside the flags, and lifesavers performed more than 100 preventative actions to try to keep people from getting into trouble.

Brunswick's Club Captain John Shanks said the conditions were very unstable after rough seas a week ago had affected sandbanks and extra rip currents had formed off the beach.

"It was probably the busiest day I can remember," said Shanks. "Fortunately for beach goers we had a team of around 10 lifesavers on patrol and many of them were very experienced older guys and some ironman competitors.

"It was pretty much non-stop all day. At one stage we did seven rescues in about 20 minutes."

To be confronted with a drowning after the patrol had finished was a sorry outcome for volunteers.

"We worked our backsides off all day, then to get the call that someone was missing and there was nothing we could do to save him really hits our guys hard."

Far North Coast Emergency Coordinator Jimmy Keough, who was on scene and assisted with CPR attempts, said the lifesavers did a great job to locate the man so quickly and bring him to shore, but it was a timely reminder of the need for people to swim only when patrols were on the beach.

"Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim and the Brunswick clubbies are very upset they couldn't save him, despite such a fast response to the callout," said Keough.

Brunswick volunteer lifesavers will be back on the beach today and are urging people to only swim between the flags.

Mon 2 Mar 2015