Man Injured In Bronte Bluebottle Sting

Volunteer surf lifesavers put their medical knowledge to the test at Sydney's Bronte Beach on Saturday after a man suffered a severe reaction to a marine sting.

Shortly after 1pm AEDT yesterday, a 37-year-old male presented himself to patrolling lifesavers after suffering what he thought was a bluebottle sting to his chest.

He was conscious at the time but in obvious discomfort.

The lifesavers immediately commenced initial first aid treatment but the man’s condition deteriorated and the State Emergency Response System was activated.

Oxygen was given to the patient as he was having difficulty breathing . An ambulance was tasked to attend the scene where he was treated by paramedics and later transported to hospital.

It is not known whether the man’s symptoms were caused by an allergic reaction or that the sting covered a huge area of the body.

There have been anecdotal reports of an increased presence of bluebottles on NSW beaches in recent weeks due to the strong winds off the coast with lifesavers playing an important role in keeping the public out of the danger areas.

The incident reinforced the importance of knowing how to treat non-tropical marine stings and was an example of excellent teamwork on the part of the Bronte patrolling lifesavers.

Treatment for Bluebottle Stings

• Wash off any remaining tentacles with seawater, or pick off with your fingers (they can’t usually sting through thetough skin on your fingers!)
• Immerse the patient’s sting in hot water (no hotter than can be easily tolerated)
• If local pain is not relieved or immersion facilities are not available, the application of cold packs or wrapped ice is also effective
• Seek Medical treatment from a lifesaver or lifeguard

Other Non-Tropical Marine Stingers

• Wash off remaining tentacles with seawater, or pick off with fingers
• Apply cold pack or wrapped ice for at least 10 minutes or until pain is relieved
• Refer to medical aid for further treatment if condition deteriorates

Sun 27 Nov 2016