Man Pulled From Water At Coogee

It was a busy start to the first patrol of 2016 for a team of lifesavers from Coogee who helped revive a man found unconscious in the water at the popular Sydney beach on Friday.

It is believed that the man, thought to be in his 30s, had suffered a knock to the head on a sandbar while swimming.

He was unconscious, with a laceration to his head and was not breathing when he was pulled from the water by patrolling lifesavers shortly before 9am on New Year’s Day.

After getting him to the sand, lifesavers commenced cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with the assistance of the Coogee lifeguards who had arrived on-scene to help with the situation.

After about ten minutes of CPR the man was able to breathe on his own, but had not yet regained full consciousness. Attending paramedics took over treatment and were able to stabilise the man and transport him to hospital in a serious condition.

“This was a great example of our volunteer lifesavers and professional lifeguards working together to perform a successful rescue and resuscitation,” Surf Life Saving NSW Operations Manager Adam Weir said.

“Our lifesavers are well trained in performing CPR, and while they don’t have to use it on every patrol it is an important part of their skill set. Today they were able to use it to bring about a successful outcome on what is one of our busiest days of the year.

“This incident also highlights the importance of swimming at a patrolled location as the patient was able to receive treatment almost immediately," Mr Weir concluded.

Paramedics also later praised the efforts of the lifesavers and lifeguards saying without the timely and efficient use of CPR the outcome could have been very different.

The volunteer lifesavers involved in the resuscitation have received a full debrief as part of Surf Life Saving's critical incident procedures.

Volunteer lifesavers will be patrolling each weekend and public holiday until the 2015/16 season concludes on Monday 25 April 2016.

Tips For Keeping Safe At The Beach

  • Always swim between the red and yellow patrol flags, for your nearest patrolled beach check the BeachSafe app or website
  • Read the safety signs for information about the beach and ask a lifesaver or lifeguard for safety information
  • Always swim with someone else so you can look out for each other, and always supervise children around the water
  • Never swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If you need help in the water, stay calm and attract attention by raising one arm
  • In an emergency, dial Triple Zero Police
  • Don’t forget to be sun safe by remembering to: Slip on some protective clothing, Slop on some sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Slide on a pair of sunglasses, Seek some shade and Sip on lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • For information about patrol times, weather, and beach locations visit the Beachsafe Website or Download the App.

Fri 1 Jan 2016