Man Resuscitated at Manly

Lifesavers and Lifeguards have been involved in the successful resuscitation of a man at Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

At around 1.00pm, the 48-year-old man was discovered by his swimming partner face-down in the water on the northern side of the pipe.

The partner alerted lifesavers while a member of the public assisted in bringing the man to shore. Lifesavers and Lifeguards arrived simultaneously at the scene, and immediately began to work on reviving the man.

It became apparent once the man was brought out of the water that he wasn’t breathing. The Lifesavers and Lifeguards cleared his airways.

After three minutes the man regained consciousness and was placed on oxygen.

Paramedics arrived and continued the man’s treatment before transporting him to hospital. A defibrillator was brought to the scene but was not required.

The man is from Victoria, and it is believed he couldn’t swim.

NSW Life Saving Manager Andy Kent praised the teamwork of lifesavers and lifeguards who worked together to revive the man.

“Lifeguards and lifesavers were able to use their training effectively and respond to the situation in a timely manner.

“We would encourage members of the public to always swim between the flags at patrolled beaches, and if they do get into difficulty into the water keep calm, and attract the attention of a lifesaver.”

Sat 17 Jan 2015