Man Stung By Stingray At Byron Bay

A Byron Bay local is recovering at home after an encounter with a stingray left him with an injured foot on Thursday

The man aged in his 40s was at the popular swimming location of The Pass when the incident occurred shortly before 930am today.

He was wading through the surf when the stingray’s barb made contact with his foot.

Lifeguards from the Australian Lifeguard Service who were patrolling nearby were on scene within moments to assist the man by applying initial first aid treatment.

Hot water was applied and lifeguards also took steps to control the bleeding.

Later oxygen therapy was applied and an ambulance was called to assess the man’s condition.

Fortunately his condition rapidly improved and after being looked over by the paramedics, the man was cleared to go home a little sorer than he was when he entered the water this morning, but will make a full recovery from the experience.

Thu 5 Jan 2017