Men Rescued At Warriewood Blowhole

The dangers of swimming at unfamiliar beach at twilight were highlighted on Thursday night after two men got into difficultly at Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Shortly before 6pm on Thursday, the state operations centre were informed of reports of two males in difficulty on the rocks at Warriewood Beach.

The two friends from Burwood aged in their twenties had been jumping off the rocks into the blowhole and had become stranded in a nearby cave for around an hour before the alarm was raised.

Due to the rapidly fading light, surf life saving assets including the emergency response team were scrambled to attend the scene. Fortuitously for the men a surfer was on hand to go their aid as it is believed that neither of them had much experience in strong surf conditions.

He rescued the first man by getting him onto the rocks and away from danger. The man was able to walk to the surf club on his own, and the surfer turned his attention to his friend. After getting him on his board he returned him to shore where surf life saving responders were waiting.

Paramedics treated the man for grazing to the head, and he was later transported to hospital for observation.

"This incident is an example of how emergency responders and surf life saving assets can work together to respond to situations at any time of day, but it also shows how important it is is to inform friends and family about your plans," NSW Lifesaving Manager Andy Kent said.

"We are delighted that this incident has had a positive outcome but it does highlight the dangers of swimming at an unfamiliar beach as dusk approaches. The surfer who helped these men did an outstanding job and deserves credit for going out to assist in the rescue.”

"Surf Life Saving NSW encourages everyone who is thinking about doing an activity on the coast to take the time to assess the conditions. Please talk to lifesavers, lifeguards and locals as they are best placed to give advice, and are familiar with the environment," Mr Kent concluded.

Fri 10 Apr 2015