Narrabeen Lifesavers Awarded Rescue of the Month

Lifesavers from Narrabeen Beach, Jason Oakes, Karen Marks, Ian Harper, Gordon Coburn, Skye Storey, Alex Buckton, Joshua Buckton & David Cook have been awarded the NSW Rescue of the Month for September 2013.

On Sunday 15 September 2013, a pre-season meeting of Patrol Captains was being held at the Narrabeen Beach SLSC in preparation for the start of volunteer patrols. Based in a room on the seaward side of the building, the Patrol Captains observed 3 swimmers and 1 body boarder in the surf and throughout the meeting, maintained surveillance and a headcount.

At 11.25am a surfboard floating unaccompanied was noticed to the south of the surf club and all members scanned the water to identify the surfer who was separated from the board. With no sightings of the surfer, it was decided to immediately deploy an IRB.

The body boarder indicated for assistance and as the IRB approached, the patient was seen being visibly supported but he was low in the water and face down, displaying no signs of life. The IRB crew retrieved the patient and immediately began Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as the IRB returned to shore.

Arriving back on the beach, the IRB was lifted with the patient inside and moved above the high tide mark without interrupting CPR attempts. Ten minutes after the initial sighting of the surfboard, the patient received oxygen therapy and the defibrillator was applied which advised of “no shockable rhythm”, three times (three cycles).

Advanced care was maintained by lifesavers until they were relieved by Ambulance personnel who continued compressions and further care before the patient was transported by Ambulance.

Post incident debriefing was conducted to ensure the welfare of the members who worked purposefully and with care throughout the resuscitation incident.

The SLSNSW Rescue of the Month aims to recognise excellence in lifesaving. Each month a ‘Rescue of the Month’ is awarded at both Branch and State level for the most outstanding rescue performance for that period. Monthly winners become finalists for the SLSNSW Rescue of the Year which is presented at the annual Awards of Excellence.

Rescue of the Month recipients at state level receive a $400 Surf Store credit, a pair of waterproof binoculars, a plaque and a framed citation.

For more information and to view past recipients please visit the Rescue of the Month Recognition Page.

Fri 18 Oct 2013