National Rescue Of The Month Awarded to Lifesavers

Parliament House turned blue on Thursday after NSW lifesavers were presented with two National Rescue of The Month Awards at a special ceremony held deep within the famous building.

Lifesavers from Macksville-Scotts Head Surf Life Saving Club and Redhead Surf Life Saving Club respectively, have been presented with their awards by the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Life Saving in Canberra.

Macksville-Scotts Head SLSC President Jason O’Donnell and Peter McNally received their award this morning at Parliament house for the month of October.

The pair and also Paul Young saved the life of a female swimmer after she was caught in a strong rip off shore.

The trio battled choppy conditions to grab the swimmer who was struggling to stay afloat and successfully bring her back to shore.

Peter McNally was honoured to achieve the award but says it’s just another day being a surf lifesaver.

“You don’t really think about the achievements that come with rescues. When you’re rescuing someone you just go out there and use the skills that you’ve learnt from being a lifesaver.”

Redhead SLSC members Gail Evans and Chris Bird received the award for November on behalf of the Hunter Club.

Lifesavers from Redhead rescued two ski paddlers after they lost their skis in three metre surf conditions. The two paddlers drifted onto rocks and were clinging on until help arrived.

While attempting to rescue the paddlers, a Redhead volunteer was knocked off his rescue board and the IRB capsized. A second IRB was launched and completed the rescue of the two paddlers and assisted the remaining lifesavers.

Gail Evans is very proud of her club especially, the great teamwork that came with the job.

“Receiving a national award for rescuing someone is amazing but it comes with the job of being a member of a Surf Life Saving Club.”

“In our rescue, we all knew each other’s strength as life savers which worked extremely well in saving the ski paddlers from great danger.”

Co Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Life Saving Matt Thistlethwaite gave high praise to surf lifesavers around the country, saying they’re the best in the world.

“We really are blessed in Australia that if you get into trouble on a beach in Australia, where there are surf lifesavers on patrol, you will receive the best life saving and resuscitation services in the world."

For the official citations for both rescues please visit our Rescue of the Month page.

Thu 12 Feb 2015