North Coast Brothers Make it a Family Affair

Having one child on a representative team is fantastic, two certainly gives cause to smile, but imagine having four.

The Mitchell brothers from Coffs Harbour all participated in the 2014 Interbranch Championships after their youngster sibling Joe was picked in the U12 team for the first time.

Mum Katrina said it was fantastic to be able to watch the boys represent the North Coast branch.

“It really was a thrill to be able to watch all four of them compete at the one championship.

“Surf lifesaving is such a great sport for kids to do as it keeps them fit, healthy and active. They’ve all worked very hard at training to get into this team,” she said.

While the brothers are like most siblings and enjoy competing against each other, they all performed solidly at the Championships to earn points for their branch.

Jedd Mitchell who competed in the U17 age-group finished third in the flags and fourth in the sprint. Jonah who competed in the 17 water events finished 11th in the board, 17th in ironman, 19th in the surf swim, and ninth in both board rescue and taplin relay. Fred who competed in the U13 entered the ironperson, cameron relay, surf swim, board and board rescue events.

Youngest brother Joe competing at his first Interbranch Championships entered the U12 ironman, board, cameron relay and surf swim events.

“It was good being with my brothers, but it was very tough and very hard to swim out there,” he said after confronting a heavy swell at Swansea on Day 2 of the championships.

The brothers spend a lot of time training in the Coffs region under the watchful eyes of their father and also coach Mark Beavis who has played a key role in sharpening their skills.

Jedd Mitchell, the oldest, said it was a great experience to be able to come away to an event with his brothers.

“Obviously we spend a lot of time training together and being able to come away to an event such as this is a lot of fun."

The youngster who has already won a medal for the board relay at state said he hopes to improve upon his performances over the summer.

“I’d love to win an individual medal at state, but the plan now is to just go back and keep working hard at training and improve at every competition.”

Wed 17 Dec 2014