North Coast Swimmers Urged To Exercise Caution

Surf Life Saving NSW is advising swimmers, surfers, and boaties around the Coffs Harbour area to exercise caution in the water for at least the next two days as a large whale carcass travels northwards.

The State Operations Centre was informed by police about the discovery of the whale carcass on Thursday. Council Lifeguards have also been informed.

Coffs Harbour Water Police and the Department of Primary Industry are monitoring the carcass which is currently drifting off the Campbells Beach area, and is expected to drift north.

A number of sharks have been witnessed feeding off the carcass so people are advised to steer clear if they spot it in the current.

“On occasions marine carcasses do wash up on beaches. They can pose a hazard to navigation and sharks can be in close proximity to them,” Surf Life Saving NSW Operations Manager Adam Weir said.

“We would encourage all water users to be aware that the tide and currents can beach it anywhere along the coast and to stay away from it if you spot it.”

There are no plans to tow it out to sea at this stage as it could impact on shipping lanes and be a hazard for navigation.

Thu 2 Jul 2015