Off Duty Lifesaver Rescues Surfer In Rough Seas

An exceptional joint-service response has rescued a surfer in serious distress at South Curl Curl on Sydney's Northern Beaches on Wednesday.

Witnesses had reported that the female surfer had lost her surfboard and was signalling for assistance as she was being pushed closer to the rocks by powerful 2m waves.

Police notified the central SLS State Operations Centre who coordinated the immediate response of Surf Life Saving callout teams, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Warringah Council Lifeguard services.

An off-duty surf lifesaver was first on the scene and paddled a rescue board to the patient securing her behind the break-zone. Lifeguard personnel arrived shortly after and coordinated communications with the State Operations Centre, with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter wincing the patient to safety and waiting paramedics.

SLSNSW Lifesaving Manager, Dean Storey says it is a testament to the fast and coordinated response that the woman had only minor injuries.

"The quick thinking member of the public who called triple-zero for the Police should be commended, once that call was made the response of lifesaving services went like clock-work. For drowning situations time is such a critical factor, and the sooner people call for help the quicker our people can get there”.

“The efforts of the off-duty lifesaver should also be commended, his expert-skill and quick response probably saved a life” Storey adds.

Wed 3 Jul 2013