Palm Beach Lifeguards Rescue of the Month

Palm Beach lifeguards Tom Allen, Tim Daymond and Brad Woodward have been awarded Rescue of the Month for January 2013.

On Tuesday 29 January at 3:50pm, Palm Beach Lifeguards were approached by two surfers, crying out for urgent assistance. The lifeguards on duty, Tom Allen and Tim Daymond, immediately responded to an unconscious teenage patient in the surf zone approximately 40m offshore.

Tom drove the ATV to the water’s edge, grabbed a rescue board and quickly paddled out to retrieve the patient. With the assistance of another surfer, the patient was brought back to shore and the two lifeguards began CPR.

The lifeguard supervisor, Brad Woodward, arrived on the scene and set up the Oxygen Resuscitator and Defibrillator. A large wave washed up the beach and the patient had to be relocated to higher ground. Tom prepared the patient for defibrillation by attaching the pads to his chest. The defibrillator advised and administered a shock to the patient. There was no response and CPR continued.

The lifeguards performed three further cycles using the defibrillator, in addition to inserting an OP Airway. The lifeguards regularly rotated positions to avoid fatigue. After six cycles of CPR and several more shocks, the patient began breathing and a pulse was present.

The patient was put into the recovery position and continued to be monitored by lifeguards. The patient was then stretchered to a waiting ambulance where he was transported to North Palm Beach for helicopter retrieval to hospital.

The skills exhibited by lifeguards in this rescue and resuscitation are a testament to the high-level professional training Australian Lifeguard Service personnel receive. The bravery and determination under pressure displayed by the lifeguards is highly commended and ultimately resulted in the saving of a life.

Fri 22 Feb 2013