Parramatta Lifeguards Return For New Season

Ghosts, witches, and vampires are all primed to potentially make a Halloween appearance at Lake Parramatta tomorrow but the two people wearing the lifeguard uniforms and keeping a watchful eye on the inland lake are there to stay; ensuring that everyone both in and out of costume can enjoy their time in the water safely.

This weekend the Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) resumes patrolling the popular waterway renewing the service that they delivered at the beginning of the year which importantly allowed swimmers to enter the water with confidence for the first time in over 70 years.

The opening of the lake last season proved popular for families around the region who sought a brief respite from the hot summer months in the cool water. By season’s end over 8000 people had been recorded swimming in the lake.

From this Saturday 31 October, two lifeguards will be patrolling Lake Parramatta each weekend which will continue until Sunday 13 March.

Additionally, lifeguards will ramp up patrol for a full seven days a week throughout the Summer School Holidays taking in the period from Saturday 19 December through to Tuesday 26 January allowing for an anticipated influx of people to the waterway.

ALS NSW Manager, Brent Manieri believes Lake Parramatta will be a popular swimming location this summer and said that lifeguards are looking forward to keeping the public safe in what is a unique location.

“Our lifeguards will be on hand to keep the public safe using the same equipment as seen on the beaches, including rescue boards and rescues tubes to aid with water surveillance and first aid.”

“The Australian Lifeguard Service is excited to be back and providing our lifeguarding expertise to Parramatta City Council after the success of last season. Lake Parramatta provides locals with a fantastic natural swimming location and Council have been extremely proactive in providing residents and visitors to the area with a safe swimming environment,” Mr Manieri said.

Parramatta Council will continue to monitor the water quality throughout the summer and will publish all results on its Website ensuring that the environment is safe for all swimmers.

Inaugural Season Snapshot

Attendance - 8,657

Preventative Actions - 853

First Aids - 13

Fri 30 Oct 2015