Rescue Effort at Avoca

A joint effort between lifesavers and Gosford council lifeguards was mounted this afternoon when two young women were swept from rocks into the water near Avoca.

One person has been saved and another has unfortunately been unable to be revived.

A passing kayaker spotted the pair in trouble and headed to the beach for help. He passed some young club members on boards and asked them to go and assist the people in the water remain afloat until lifeguards could rescue them.

Lifeguards on jetskis brought the patients back to the beach and CPR was commenced on one woman, who unfortunately was pronounced deceased when the Ambulance arrived.

Central Coast Duty Officer for Surf Life Saving, Stuart Harvey, said he's proud of the actions taken by the young surf lifesavers who went to the aid of the two women.

"Our hearts go out to the family of the drowned woman, but thankfully the second patient is alive due to the quick actions of both the young board paddlers and the lifeguards," said Harvey.

Wed 12 Dec 2012