Rock Fishing Warning NSW Coastline

Rock fishers are advised to exercise extreme caution over the next few days as a long-period easterly swell affects most of the NSW coastline.

The swell although not large in height, will create an increased risk due to its long period, as there will be long delays or ‘lulls’ between the larger ‘set waves’.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast the swell to start affecting the coast Thursday afternoon and continue throughout the weekend. Wave height is forecast to be moderate at 2 metres. The swell is being generated by Tropical Cyclone Evan, from the North East.

Lifesaving Manager, Dean Storey says this combination of warm weather, mid-sized waves and long period swell creates a risk-perception issue for rock fishers, “a rock platform which may appear safe to fish from can be underwater when those larger set waves come through every 15-20 minutes”.

Storey urges all rock fishers to follow the key safety rules, including to observe the rock platform for at least 20 minutes before venturing out and to always wear a lifejacket.

For patrolled locations and times and other multi-lingual information visit and download the ‘beachsafe’ app.

SLSNSW advises the following key safety messages for rock fishermen:

  • Always wear a lifejacket and non-slip footwear
  • Check tides, swell and weather conditions
  • Fish with a friend – never fish alone
  • Carry a mobile phone and call 000 Police if witnessing an emergency
  • Always spend time watching the conditions before fishing, and constantly scan for changing conditions
  • If in doubt, don’t go out!

Thu 20 Dec 2012