Severe Erosion Endangers Club House

Fingal Rovers SLSC is literally on the precipice of disaster as the club battles unprecedented coastal erosion.

The biggest tides of the year mixed with weeks of large surf has eaten away over 17 metres of sand and brought the four metre high erosion line to within just 13 metres of the surf club.

President of Fingal Rovers SLSC, Robyn Wonson, says the situation has been getting more serious by the day.

“We have evacuated all members from the club and no one is allowed to enter the building until stabilisation has been check by our engineer. Our gear and equipment is OK at the moment but if the erosion does continue then we will be required to remove all equipment and then the next step after that will be the removal of the balcony of the club,” said Robyn.

Tweed Council have been monitoring the situation and are discussing a variety of ways to gain stabilisation, such as getting sand delivered or moving all the fallen trees into the hole and back filling to regain the 17 metres of sand needed back in front of the club.

With the tides and swell starting to abate leading into the weekend the situation will become clearer soon.

Photo courtesy of Kit Wise- Gold Coast Bulletin

Wed 26 Jun 2013