SLSNSW Recognised in Parliament

Surf Life Saving NSW has been formally recognised in Parliament in a Private Members Speech delivered by Mr Jonathan O’Dea, Member for Davidson, after being awarded the Minister’s Sports Volunteer Management State Award as part of the 2014 Sport NSW Community Sports Volunteer Awards.

Mr JONATHAN O'DEA (Davidson) [10.54 a.m.]: Surf Life Saving New South Wales is located at Belrose in my electorate of Davidson. As part of the 2014 Sport NSW Community Sports Volunteer Awards in May this year the organisation was awarded the Minister's Sports Volunteer Management State Award. Surf Life Saving New South Wales has demonstrated its commitment to volunteer management as a signatory to the Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers and by basing its practices on the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not-For-Profit Organisations of Volunteering Australia.

Its dedicated staffing, resources and programs support best practice in volunteer management. It has a dedicated member services team to look after the recruitment, retention and diversity of members as well as to support them in their volunteer roles across Surf Life Saving New South Wales organisations.

Its resources and programs include three initiatives. The first is a Club Guide, which is a substantive resource that provides guidance to volunteers about the management of clubs. It includes guidance on volunteer management practices, including templates for various job descriptions for key volunteer roles within the organisation. The second is a Quality Club Program, which encourages best practice of clubs that recognises that volunteers who manage Surf Life Saving organisations perform important and difficult roles. The program rewards clubs through a recognition system for having achieved high standards of practice. Many of the components that must be demonstrated by clubs are centred upon volunteer management. The third is a Recruitment and Retention Guide, which is a resource to help clubs boost membership numbers through the recruitment of new members. By presenting ideas, procedures and best practice in one guide clubs are provided with an easy reference point to develop new ideas for implementation.

Surf Life Saving New South Wales has also put in place a number of volunteer recruitment strategies such as coordination of club open days, recruitment trailers and a Real Social Network campaign. Another key resource is its Pathways Guide. This Surf Life Saving document identifies the opportunities for growth and development within the different portfolios of the organisation. It encourages volunteer recruitment and retention because people have opportunities within the organisation to utilise their individual skills and interests. In addition to these resources Surf Life Saving New South Wales has developed a reward and recognition program, which is promoted from the club level up to the national level. It includes internal awards as well as nominations for external awards. I congratulate Surf Life Saving New South Wales, led by Chief Executive Officer Phillip Vanny, on its award from the Minister. It is well deserved and reflects the organisation's fantastic achievements and dedication to the community.

Photo taken by Milestones Photography.

Mon 7 Jul 2014