SLSNSW Volunteer Statistics

Surf Life Saving volunteers across NSW have once again shown their commitment to the community, collectively contributing 667,000 voluntary patrol hours on NSW beaches during the 2012/13 season.

In a busy year for our volunteers, over 6.3 million people visited the state’s beaches. Lifesavers treated 18,560 people for first aid as well as performing 124,658 preventative actions during the season. Preventative actions include instructing swimmers to move out of dangerous areas and ensuring they swim between the flags.

There are many examples year after year of volunteer lifesavers putting themselves at risk to rescue swimmers in distress. This year lifesavers performed 3,924 rescues across the state.

Just one example of the heroic work of some of our lifesavers includes the SLSNSW March Rescue of the Month performed by father and son pair Cody and Chris Milne of The Entrance SLSC.

The Milnes’ put their own lives at risk to rescue two females who had been taken more than 100m out to sea in a rip current in huge 3-4m swells.

Using a rescue board and a tube, they were able to bring the women safely to shore in the treacherous conditions.

These types of actions are what makes Surf Life Saving volunteers so special.

Lifesaving Manager, Dean Storey, praised the state’s lifesavers and highlighted that for many lifesavers the job doesn't stop just because summer patrols have wound up. Emergency callouts have again risen this season.

“The dedication of our membership is showcased not just by the hundreds of thousands of hours contributed on regular patrol duty, but also by the response of our specialist callout teams 24/7 to emergencies along our coastline. These members will continue to be busy throughout the winter, responding to many rock fishermen, surfers and boaters who will get into strife and need to be saved by surf lifesavers. We thank them and all members for their selfless bravery and dedication to the community,” said Dean Storey.

Tragically despite lifesavers' best efforts there have still been 38 coastal drownings outside patrolled areas on NSW beaches. While this number is lower than last year's (47) it is still in line with the state average, however this figure would undoubtedly be higher if not for the vigilance of the volunteers.

NSW At A Glance - 12/13 Season

Emergency Response Callouts - 508
Coastal Drownings - 38
Rescues - 3924
Preventative Actions - 124,658
First Aids - 18,560
Beach Attendance - 6,327,816
Total Membership - 77,096
Patrol Hours - 667,609

Fri 31 May 2013