South Maroubra Start Season Winning National and NSW Award

South Maroubra lifesavers have been awarded the National and NSW Rescue of the Month for July/August after rescuing a fisherman who had broken their leg after falling off rocks at Malabar Headland on 9 August 2015.

On Sunday 9 August at 10:30am, South Maroubra clubbies and a Maroubra lifeguard rescued a rock fisherman from Malabar Headland who had fallen and broken his leg.

On this morning, South Maroubra surf lifesavers were preparing for the new season gear inspection and were informed that a fisherman had fallen off a rock ledge.

As the location of the fisherman was unknown at the time, South Maroubra’s IRB was launched by Christopher Maloney, Michael Fernandez and Damien Woods. Once in the water, the male was located at Malabar Headland without a lifejacket and his condition was unknown due to the lack of visibility.

Damien and a Maroubra lifeguard who was following entered the water and reached the fisherman via the rocks. Once the pair reached the rock ledge, Michael and Christopher returned to shore and grabbed the first aid kit and oxy-viva, and made their way back to the fisherman on foot.

“It was lucky that we had all the gear out and ready to go this morning including a fully stocked first aid kit. There was a little swell but it wasn’t too bad.” Club Captain Mr Woods said.

“That location is not an easy place to get too as it’s quite isolated, and takes at least thirty minutes to reach by foot. It’s the second incident involving a fisherman in that spot in a year and we are very pleased to be able to assist in his treatment.”

Back at the scene, Damien and the lifeguard provided some initial first aid by splinting the leg and looking after the male as he was in shock after falling four metres. Michael and Christopher arrived at the scene after running 15 minutes around to the headland. They carefully made their way down to the rocks and administered oxygen and first aid to the male.

Christopher, Damien and Michael stayed with the patient until the NSW Ambulance Rescue Helicopter arrived and winched the fisherman to a nearby reserve. He was stablised and subsequently driven by paramedics to hospital.

The three surf lifesavers demonstrated advanced skills to successfully treat the fisherman. Their prompt response and teamwork ensured the best possible outcome for the patient.

The SLSNSW Rescue of the Month aims to recognise excellence in lifesaving. Each month a ‘Rescue of the Month’ is awarded at State level for the most outstanding rescue performance for that period. Monthly winners have the chance to win the Australian Rescue of the Month and become finalists for the SLSNSW Rescue of the Year which is presented at the annual Awards of Excellence.

For official citations and past recipients please visit the Rescue of the Month Recognition Page.

Tue 29 Sep 2015