South Narrabeen Members Perform Lifesaving CPR

A young woman is alive today thanks to the quick thinking actions of surf lifesavers from South Narrabeen SLSC.

With record numbers on the beach, South Narrabeen performed 11 rescues from their stretch of beach right along to Collaroy, where dangerous rips were forming on Sunday 9 February.

As lifesavers provided oxygen to a man in his seventies who had just been pulled from the surf, Patrol Captain Peter Madden was approached by a member of the public who said her friend had been stung by a bluebottle and that she was allergic.

After getting the woman to the First Aid room, her condition quickly deteriorated.

“She didn’t want our help, she said she was fine but I could see the colour going and she began to have difficulty swallowing,” said Mr Madden.

Within ten minutes, the patient had lost consciousness and was no longer breathing. One patrolling member went in search of an epipen while a new Bronze Medallion holder commenced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). After two cycles of CPR, an epipen was used.

“It was incredible, within 7 seconds of the epipen being administered she just burst back to life with one huge gulp of air. She was out for close to two minutes so it was really getting dangerous,” said Mr Madden.

Peter was incredibly proud of his patrol efforts.

“The training you obtain, at the time you think it is just another certificate, but when it comes to crunch time, it all pays off. I mean like today, a lady is alive because of the great training we have been provided with,” said Mr Madden.

The woman was taken in a stable condition by ambulance to hospital.

The warm weather over the weekend saw a staggering 358 rescues state-wide and sixteen calls to the Surf Emergency Response System.

Mon 10 Feb 2014